The elements you can find in a gym to train

It is very frequent when we sign up in a gym to begin with the use of machines to work the body, because at our disposal there are a variety of them that provide security and guide us in the realization of exercises. But if you do not use machines, we show you all the elements you can find in a gym to train your body.


They are the most traditional element, widely used and that admits variety of applications at the moment of training the body.

We can find different weights being most of them in a standard way that allows us to grip one hand or two hands at the same time.

We can not only use them as a load but also as a support surface for example and thus perform infinite movements for the whole body.


It is the second most used element in the gyms to work the whole body because it admits not only its use as load and support surface but also the possibility to load it as much as we want.

Adding discs to the bars we get the overload sought for our exercises that on the other hand, not only work chest or lower train but we can achieve movements for different parts of the body and even use it to burn calories.


Although they were usually only used to add load to bars or various machines, the reality is that they are a good element to use only and exercise the whole body, as they are easy to hold accurately and there are different sizes and weights.

We can use the disc as such to load our exercises or as ballast, or use them to lean on them and slide or drag them through different spaces.

So with just one disc we can perform a variety of movements for the whole body.


It is a relatively new element in gyms that consists of a support and a bar that is held in the first accessory so that we can mobilize one of its ends without moving on the floor, turn or hinder us different exercises.

With this element that is very similar to a bar that we can hold between two discs, we can work the whole body intensely, carrying on it the desired weight.

Elastic bands

They are some of the oldest elements I know and they are not only used in the gym but also at home, in rehabilitation centres and other spaces because they are small, versatile and adaptable to different people and objectives.

They thus offer many advantages for training the body and we can use them alone or in combination with other elements to perform various exercises.


They are one of the most used elements in Crossfit for training and we can give it many uses: jump to the rope, climb, or mobilize them in the form of waves to work with the classic rope training.

Jumping we will use a thinner and shorter rope, being able to execute different exercises and routines, while to burn calories and tonify different parts of the body also to execute different movements with Battle ropes.

Russian weights or kettlebells

Russian weights or kettlebells are newer elements than the classic dumbbells but can offer many advantages over these and are equally versatile.

With Russian weights we can not only work strength and tonicity but also burn calories and achieve a functional training with exercises for the whole body.

There are different colors and sizes but all have the same shape that is ultimately responsible for its great advantages.


The bosu is one of the most used elements in the work of balance and proprioception, it is a half ball that we can use both in its firm base and also to intensify the training taking advantage of its usefulness as an unstable support surface.

We can not only work on the bosu but also use it as a load in different exercises for the whole body.

Medicine ball

They are balls with different sizes and weight that we can use to achieve a complete training, using them not only as load or unstable support surface, but also, taking advantage of their shape to make them roll, throw or other movements more.

Very used in Crossfit and also in rehabilitation, the medicinal balls admit variety of uses and exercises with which we can develop force, power in superior train, tonicity and aerobic capacity while we burn calories.


It is the large ball used classically in the practice of yoga or pilates, also called swiss ball or Swiss ball.

We can use it as a support, taking advantage of its shape that allows us to roda, move and so on. With fitball we can work intensely the whole body: back, middle zone, legs, arms and many parts of the body more with varied exercises.

Sand bag or sandbag

It is as its name indicates, a bag or bag loaded with sand that allows us to hold it in different ways and even position it as we find more comfortable because it is not rigid at all.

It is used above all in Crossfit and is very versatile to load or ballast different movements, being able to perform from a race at high speed with the sandbag on the shoulders or a variety of other exercises.