The most effective gym routines

Do you know some of the most effective routines for toning up and losing weight in the gym?

Exercise should be a very important part of our lives, since our body is the only one we have and it is much better for our health to live in a healthy and athletic body than in a sedentary one.

But this physical well-being is not given to us by anyone, we must sweat it, and therefore, it is necessary to establish exercise routines. It is important to have a goal in mind so we can focus on that end. If you don’t have knowledge, you don’t have to worry. At Dudyfit we have a wide variety of personal trainers who will be happy to advise you on the exercises you should do according to your wishes and needs.

When it comes to exercise, establish weekly or monthly calendars where you will mark which days you dedicate to some areas and which days you dedicate to others (back, chest, legs, abdominals, biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc).

If you’re starting to get in shape, but don’t know where to go, don’t worry! Here’s a list of the most effective ways to tone and lose weight.

Exercise routines to tone and lose weight: cardio

Your daily exercise session should also have toning, aerobic exercises. Having a better blood pressure and greater heart capacity will help you perform any type of activity much more easily and avoiding fatigue. Therefore, it is recommended that you do approximately 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per training session. You can do it in these ways:

  • Elliptical: in this machine you walk on boards with the shape of your foot and with alternating handles to the movement of the foot that you hold with your hands.
  • Fixed bicycle: a standard bicycle but fixed so that it does not move.
  • Staircase: short escalators
  • Treadmill: the classic treadmill that moves so you can run without moving around

These exercises should be performed after bodybuilding, and to reduce the risk of injury, the rhythm should be ascending to the zenith of activity. Then it is necessary to lower the rhythm progressively until recovering the normal breathing.

Exercise routines for toning up and losing weight: bodybuilding

Muscle building exercises should be carried out by zones in order to make the most of your physical capacities and, therefore, your exercises should be as productive as possible. It is also important to plan them on a weekly or monthly level, trying to do it in the most logical way, taking into consideration the importance of breaks for the correct development of your musculature. The muscle building exercise should take about 45 minutes of your time.

The different areas that you should take into consideration when establishing your exercise calendar, as well as some of the most effective ways of exercising them, are the following:

  • Back: to exercise this part of the locomotor system, the dominated ones are the most effective exercises. The methodology is simple, in a bar high enough so that you can hang yourself, you must raise your whole body using your back extending your arms almost to the maximum, and then raise and lower. We recommend 3 series of 10 repetitions
  • Chest: the best way to exercise the chest is through dumbbell bench press. To do this, you must place yourself face up on a bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand and from your chest raise and lower the dumbbells. We recommend 3 series of 20 repetitions
  • Legs: for muscular legs, squats are your best option. You will have to stand with your feet open at shoulder level, and go up and down with your back straight, flexing only your legs. We recommend 3 series of 12 repetitions
  • Abdominals: The most effective way to exercise the abdominals is the iron. To do it, you must place yourself face down on the floor, supporting your feet and forearms, and thus do strength with the body to stay in that position. We recommend 3 series of 40 seconds
  • Biceps: Biceps can be trained in a variety of ways, but one of the best is through curls. These curls consist of repetitions of weight lifting using only the biceps. One way to do this is to sit, with a dumbbell in your hand, leaning your elbow on your leg and raising and lowering your arm without moving anything else. We recommend 3 series of 20 repetitions
  • Triceps: Triceps are also exercised in a variety of ways, one of which is by lifting dumbbells behind your head, extending your arm as far as possible and contracting it behind your head, keeping your back straight and using only your arm. We recommend 3 series of 12 repetitions
  • Shoulders: to exercise the shoulders, you can, holding a dumbbell in each hand and standing, drop the arms until they are attached to the body, then parallel to the body, lift them sideways to reach horizontality, and then repeat. We recommend 3 series of 20 repetitions

These are just some of the exercises you can do to exercise each area of your body. If you are curious and want to continue learning new exercises, continue reading our blog or contact one of our professionals.