How to use fitness machines

Fitness Machines

The word Fitness refers to two different but closely related meanings. In the first place, the word fitness comes from the English and it means “well-being”, it indicates us an optimal physical state, in which the person presents a great general corporal well-being.

But with fitness we can also refer to another concept, which is the one we are going to deal with in this blog, with fitness we refer to the type of aerobic exercises that are carried out in a specific place, such as, for example, gym routines. The activities included in these routines can vary from weights, abdominals, stretching, etc. For this purpose, different fitness machinery devices are used.

Spinning Bikes

Exercises on exercise bikes have numerous benefits but without a doubt, if we had to highlight some of them would be the improvement of the cardiovascular system and the strengthening of muscles and bones.

Spinning, also called indoor cycling, is one of the most popular forms of fitness exercise in the world. What does it consist of? When you go to a spinning session, you do aerobic exercises on static bicycles to the rhythm of music.

Normally, a teacher will guide you through the exercises you should do while you are pedaling. Without a doubt, it is a very active and dynamic way to lose calories and it is especially recommended for people who are overweight. Among its benefits stand out:

  • Elimination of calories, it is estimated that in a spinning session around 700 kcal can be lost. This is a fairly high amount compared to other physical activities. Although we must always bear in mind that to obtain physical well-being we must always combine exercise with a healthy diet.
  • Exercise that respects the joints, the exercise bike is a gentle exercise that, unlike other exercises, does not overload the joints and can vary the intensity and pace according to the physical level of the person. In addition it is an exercise that can be very comfortable to practice even at home, there are folding exercise bikes and even reclining bicycles.
  • It strengthens several parts of the body. It can be considered a very complete activity, since the exercise in the bicycle strengthens the back, activating the muscles of the lumbar, trapezium and dorsal muscles. It also corrects bad postures. But not only that, it also strengthens legs and buttocks, giving them greater firmness and volume. In addition, it also works the arms and abdomen.

This exercise in addition to all the benefits for the body also works motivation, and even more if it is done in a group class, such as indoor cycle classes.


Treadmills, treadmills and exercise bikes provide emotional and mental stability. The benefits of exercising on treadmills are similar to those of exercise bikes. Without a doubt, the cardiovascular work that is carried out is the main one.

As for inconveniences, we highlight the fact that many people may find the treadmills somewhat heavy, so in Fisiomarket we offer some keys for you to guide your work on the treadmill towards better results.

  • First of all you should warm up for about 4 to 8 minutes by jogging at a moderate pace.
  • Afterwards, you can alternate three gentle minutes with three minutes at a faster pace. Always remember that you set the pace yourself and that it should be in line with each person’s habit of doing physical exercise.
  • To finish, run 5 minutes at a high pace and finish with 10 minutes of a gentle pace. This last step is very important because after so much physical exercise we must allow time for our pulsations to gradually decrease.

Rowing Machine

rowing machineRowing machines are rarely used in gyms, so why? although many people don’t know it, this exercise machine helps you do one of the most complete cardiovascular work you can do in the gym.

Rowing machines have many benefits, here are the most relevant:

  • If you’re looking for a complete aerobic workout that works the upper and lower trunks equally, the rowing machine is certainly an ideal choice.
  • It does a positioning job with respect to the shoulder joint. This joint gradually tends to curve forward due to bad postures, however, rowing exercises help you pull the shoulder back into position.
  • It provides great calorie loss results, so during a one-hour session about 600 kcal can be lost.

As in everything, there are not only advantages, this exercise can be considered something more complicated than the treadmill or the exercise bike, that is why perhaps not everyone can be trained to practice it.


The stepper is considered one of the main “gym machines”. If you go to the gym you have heard about step classes, these classes are held on plastic platforms in which people go up and down to the rhythm of music. The platform used is called the mini steppper.

The stepper is also widely used from home by people who can not go to the gym, as one of its main advantages is that it is one of the lightest fitness equipment and takes up less space. Among the benefits of stepper is that it is an exercise that works on a cardiovascular level and tones first legs.

In addition, it is an exercise that does not overload the joints if you go at a slow pace, so it is recommended for almost everyone, although if you’ve had some kind of injury is always advisable to consult your physio before doing any exercise.

Vibrating Platforms

Vibration platformsThe main advantage of a vibration machine is that in 10 minutes of exercise you can achieve the same results as in a traditional exercise session in which more time is spent.

Among the main benefits of the vibrating platform is the elimination of fat, it is also an exercise that activates blood circulation in all blood vessels of the body, also provides a great welfare thanks to the reduction of stress.

On the other hand, it is indicated for the reduction of cellulite, since aesthetically it improves the state of the skin toning it.