The best boxing styles for women

Boxing has always been considered a particularly masculine discipline, especially thanks to boxers like Mike Tyson or Mohammed Ali.

However, boxing is beginning to be seen as an increasingly mixed sport thanks to the arrival of boxing classes aimed at female boxers and champions such as Myriam Lamare (now retired), Sarah Ourahmoune (young but also retired from the ring) and Estelle Mossely or the American wrestling boxer Ronda Rousey.

Whether it is wrestling boxing or fitness, thanks to boxing, the practitioners of this sport achieve the body of their dreams with only a few months of training, while gaining self-confidence and concentration.

Women’s Boxing Classes: What are the advantages of choosing wrestling?

Do you want to learn to master the uppercut, the punch or the kick like Mohammed Ali? Why don’t you start boxing, the ultimate combat sport?

Although we often consider that combat boxing, wrestling or various martial arts (taekwondo, jiu jitsu, karate, kung fu…) are reserved exclusively for men, women are also beginning to take advantage of the phenomenon to learn to sculpt their bodies thanks to wrestling sports.

The goal of women’s wrestling boxing classes is not to become the next Rocky, far from it, but to use their new sports skills to sharpen reflexes and cardiovascular condition without having to fight on the street. Like aikido, judo or Brazilian jitsu, Thai boxing or English boxing are a matter of mood.

The practice of wrestling boxing brings a number of advantages for women like:

  • Improve cardiovascular condition;
  • work on endurance and breathing;
  • to be able to defend oneself more easily (krav maga);
  • work the body and develop muscle mass;
  • generate self-confidence and overcome shyness;
  • release stress and get a “win-win mentality”.

Women’s combat boxing classes are recommended for anyone who wants to tone up their body while learning to defend themselves against an opponent. Therefore, it is the most extreme form of boxing: women with heart or vision problems will concentrate even more on boxing.

Women’s Boxing Classes: What Fighting Styles Are There?

Take out your punching bag, put on your gloves and your boots: it’s time to have your first female boxing class. Also find out what the benefits of female boxing are for you.

Often, we ask ourselves a question when we start in the world of boxing: choosing the style of wrestling boxing. Although there are certain disciplines that are especially physical, others focus more on the technique of boxing ring.

Keep in mind that women can also become true professionals in extreme sports, such as mixed martial arts (MMA), wrestling or full contact. Ronda Rousey is the perfect example, as she is considered Floyd Mayweather’s counterpart in the United States. Your choice should be linked to your sporting expectations.

Here are some of the boxing disciplines that women can practice:

  • French women’s boxing (which is usually the most popular among women);
  • English boxing;
  • kickboxing;
  • Thai boxing;
  • French boxing savate;
  • Chinese boxing;
  • American boxing;
  • shadow boxing.

The ideal is to start with French boxing for women, as this discipline is perfect for learning the basic principles of physical preparation in amateur boxing. Boxing coaches often take the time to explain how you can avoid possible injuries in individual training with a punching ball before fighting in the gym against other opponents.

Learning to dodge your opponent’s blows or detect their weaknesses will be issues you’ll address in your women’s combat boxing classes.

Our advice is that you have a trial class within a boxing club to try out different styles of combat boxing. While some women prefer the elbows and knees of Thai boxing, others will focus on the footwork of French boxing.

The Advantages of Female Fitness Boxing Classes

Do you want to go out in the ring to improve your fitness? Then the female fitness boxing option is your only option.

This new form of boxing is booming among the female population. In fact, fitness boxing is one of the best activities in the world to strengthen the muscles correctly, as it involves the whole body, from the forearm through the buttocks to the abdominals.

In addition to having a curved body, fitness boxers tend to have a steel mentality and great determination. The main objective is to work on breathing and cardiovascular condition, while toning all parts of the body in a gym adapted to traditional boxing training.

Find out what benefits fitness boxing can bring you, especially if you are a woman:

  • Lose weight quickly through a weekly practice;
  • refine your silhouette;
  • toning legs, buttocks, shoulders, back…;
  • improve coordination and flexibility;
  • develop self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • channel energy and emotions.

Fitness boxing classes, unlike combat boxing classes, are usually practiced in groups. Among women, you’ll be able to find the motivation you need and exchange advice and opinions about sports life, especially about the food you should eat.

In the warm-up of fitness boxing you will find rhythmic movements, stretching and flexibility.

This sport is increasingly appreciated by women all over the world, fitness boxing is offered in different cities in Spain. Thanks to private fitness boxing classes or within a boxing club, future boxers will be able to discover this sporting discipline that combines cardio and fitness.