Sewer Repairs Services

What can a sewer rehabilitation cost? A sewer rehabilitation can cost quite a bit. We will show you what you should bear in mind when renovating a sewer.

Sewer rehabilitation can incur costs that cannot always be accurately estimated in advance.

And of course it must also be clarified who bears the costs of a sewer rehabilitation?

The house owner or the tenant? Or the landlord or even the city? The fact is that there can always be misunderstandings when it comes to sewer renovation costs.

But first of all the attempt at a definition: What does sewer rehabilitation and the associated costs mean at all?

In general, the word sewer rehabilitation refers to sewer systems laid in the ground.

These are used exclusively for the disposal of waste water. Sewer rehabilitation must always be carried out when the pipes are very old or the drain is blocked and the flow no longer functions properly. The advantage of sewer rehabilitation is that the entire surface does not have to be torn open.

The workers gain access via existing paths. The term “trenchless sewer rehabilitation” is often used here. There is therefore no need to dig large areas, which naturally reduces the cost of sewer rehabilitation.

All in all, a wide variety of procedures are used for sewer rehabilitation. During sewer repair, minor damage is repaired or repaired. During sewer renovation, the damaged elements or sewer areas are repaired and sealed over a larger area. As the name suggests, the damaged material is completely replaced. Of course, this is where the highest costs for sewer rehabilitation are incurred.

What costs have to be considered during the sewer renovation.

In general, of course, the replacement of a complete sewer system can be very expensive. Because here the area must be excavated over a large area, the old sewers or pipes removed and new pipes installed. This takes a long time and requires a lot of effort.

But who bears the costs of sewer rehabilitation? This is not always easy to answer. Depending on municipal regulations, the costs can be borne by the house owner, tenant, landlord or the city. Uniform regulations are the exception here. You should therefore always seek professional help first with any canal problems. Ask a canal specialist as well as a lawyer. Because on the Kanalsanierungskosten one would like to remain certainly not without further. Because: To the costs of the Kanalsanierung still further costs can like for example the R├╝ckschneiden of trees and roots.

Also here it applies to clarify, who takes over the costs of the Kanalsanierung. It is often regulated in such a way that the property owner has to pay the renovation costs for the connecting sewer (i.e. the distance from the house to the public sewer). However, this does not apply everywhere.

In total, the costs of sewer rehabilitation are calculated at a price per meter. This can range from 150 to 400 euros per metre. Of course, there are no upper limits – depending on the effort and size of the damage.

Sewer renovation

We carry out sewer renovations and house connection renovations in the Nuremberg metropolitan region and throughout northern Bavaria. The maintenance of municipal drainage systems serves environmental protection and therefore has top priority.

Why carry out sewer rehabilitation?

The operation of the sewer network in municipalities requires constant monitoring in order to detect in good time any damage caused over the years by root ingrowth in the sewer, material fatigue/shard formation and cracking, e.g. due to construction measures. The limited hydraulic capacity of the sewers can lead to flooding with dirty and rain water and cause water pollution as well as hazards to buildings and roads. The danger of strongly rising construction costs with upcoming renovation measures increases strongly with the age of the sewers. At the same time, special attention must also be paid to shaft rehabilitation in the course of sewer rehabilitation.

In order to be able to professionally assess all damage caused over time, the use of sewer cleaning is indispensable. This is already a mandatory prerequisite for the planning of sewer renovation and shaft refurbishment. Because the more accurate the assessment of the actual condition is, the more accurate the sewer renovation and shaft renovation can be planned.

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